Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We are STILL alive...

Sorry it has been soo long since I posted anything! We finally moved into our house and got internet! I am glad to be in our house! We are still waiting to get most of our things from our other house! They should be here the 22nd!

We haven't done too much exciting since we have been here. Mostly been settling in. Tuan got his German liscence and we got a car. I take my test tomorrow! So hope to pass that one! We went out last weekend to Chili's to celebrate him passing his test. It was good. Something new and a way to get out of the house. I have been trying to get to the gym a couple times a week and go on walks. We live in a small village off post. There are alot of shops and things here. Hopefully this weekend, we will get a chance to go explore! We went a tour 2 weeks ago. We learned how to ride the trains here and to order at German restaruants. It was fun, but the Euro rate makes it NOT fun!

I need to get a new battery for my camera, once I do that, I will take more pictures!! And post some new ones!

Briahna is adjusting well. She is doing better on the bottle. Now it's only water in there and she is drinkin from sippys much better. Except at night...Usually needs a bottle to sleep! She is also growing some back teeth and seems to be in alot of pain lately! So sad! But otherthan that, she is wonderful! She enjoys playing with all her toys, and all of ours! ha!

Hope everyone is doing well. Will post more intersting things soon! Love and Miss everyonE!

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InkyAndScrappy said...

Glad to hear you are adjusting well. As for the Euro exchange it is still better than the British LB. That is 2 of ours to 1 of theirs or more. Your ma and I are set for Scrapfest well when she books the hotel. She misses you all so much. Well we all miss you too the boys ask about Bri all the time. They are growing like weeds still. Grr time to find longer pants again. Love and Hugs dear!