Monday, August 18, 2008


Well I finally put a few pictures on here!

These first 2 pictures are of our hotel when we first got here. And the second is the house we stayed in, until we got our own house. But we only got the basement of this house!

We have still been adjusting to Germany. We got some more house-hold things, like our fridge and washer & dryer. The rest of our household things will be here on Friday! I am soo excited to sleep in my own bed! We have been sleeping on an air bed. Yea, not comfortable! We still need to get a large room rug for our floor. Everything is tile here, and not soft if Bri hits her head!!

Today, I had my first doctor appointment today! Just for my face. The climate here is doing crazy things to my face! But it is all ood. A friend gave us a ride to the appointment, than invited us to the MOPS (mother of pre-schoolers) picninc at the park. Briahna had a blast! She taught herself to go down the slide (on her tummy of course) But it was too cute! We came back and took a LONG nap to catch up on some ZZZ's. I am going to take my driver's test this week too. (I was too tired to go last week! ha)

Well I hope everything is going well with everyone! Miss all of you! Hope to put some more exciting news up soon! Or at least some new pictures!

Here are 2 pictures of Briahna, being her busy silly self! Love her! I will try to get more up soon!


Anonymous said...

glad to hear you are doing well. It should be much better once you get all the normal neccesities back! and Bri is getting so big! she is so adorable. well good luck with everything and hope to speak to you soon! love and hugs!

InkyAndScrappy said...

I tagged you haha. she is growing so fast. tell her to slow down.