Sunday, April 20, 2008

As the wind blows...

So it was so windy out here in the desert, that there were warning signs on the freeway! Driving down the mnt seemed like driving up cuz it was so windy! This weekend we went down to the OC for a bit. We went and ate some craw fish again and then hit up Dave & Busters with Tuan's old HS friends. It was a good time, except that I wasn't feeling well. Sunday we went to eat some Pho, which is pretty much is vietnamese soup. It's pretty good!

So it's just about 20 some days until I am in Minne! I am soo excited!! Hopefully everyone will be around so we can get together for a good time! It's also about 2 and half months until we go to Germany!

Briahna took her first step on sunday!!! She has been trying to "walk" on her own for about a week now. Today, she finally moved a leg all on her own! Tuan, his mom, and I were all like screaming when she did that! So crazY how she is growing and learning! :D

Well it is Wednesday today! My internet has been down since Monday so I had to come to the Library to work on some school work! Everything has been going pretty good. Bri is doing her usual and being busy as always! She has been teething lately and is super fussy! Hopefully she will be feelin better soon! Well I don't have much to stay at the moment, in a rush! ha! see yA!

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Anonymous said...

what the craP!!?
Baby B and her first step...and you didnt tell me bout iT!!
how exciting!
i def. need to call you more!
miss you puckeR!