Friday, December 27, 2013

Home Sweet Home

So I've been home with my sweet baby boy since Monday! Can I just say that adjusting to having two kiddos is not easy! Not one little bit! I had help for the first few nights, but now I'm on my own! Scaryyyyy!

And I am definitely being tested tonight! I can't get this boy to sleep for the life of me! I'm hoping its just tonight and tomorrow he's back to his usual... well whatever a usual is for a week old baby!

I'm already so in love with this little guy! He makes me smile for no reason! His sister does the same! That being said, I'm struggling to figure out a routine that includes both if them and one that doesn't cause bri to feel left out. Poor girl has been such a good helper and has had to put her wants aside at times. She seems okay but I do know she hates change! So hopefully I can get this whole single mom of two thing figured out soon! :)

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