Friday, December 6, 2013

Oh baby it's cold outside!

Oh baby its cold outside! This morning was -5*!! I can't deal...

Had a rough start to my day... woke up late and showed up an hour late to drill...ay yi yi! But I think at 38 weeks prego, no one was overly upset I was late!
Yes, I said 38 weeks prego! Due in just 12 short days! Hoping baby Linc doesn't come until next weekend! May be a bit selfish, but I have a few days off and need to get some rest in before I'm on 24 hr newborn duty...or should I say dooty!

Had a bit of a scare the other snowed ALL day and was slick as hell... I took a dive in the parking lot after work. I landed on my side I think, but then on the car ride home my lower abdomen was on fire! I made it home and to my dr apt... and thank goodness baby seemed fine! Very active with a strong heart beat! Doc checked me out and definitely said he wasn't going to be coming anytime soon! So my bet is on the 15th! Can't wait to meet MY little boy! :)

Side note: every thing else is going wonderful and my Bri is keeping me busy! So excited for all her holiday events coming up! She simply amazes me every day! Love her!

Also want to send a quick shout out to my mom for doing such an amazing job with bri and watching her while I'm away! Love you!

Stay warm all and enjoy your weekend! :)

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