Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Weight Issues

I'm pretty sure I feel like the wOrst mom ever! I took baby Linc in for his 10 day check up...turns out he's lost weight :( he weighed 7 lb 10 oz today. He should have been back up to his birth weight of 8 lb 6 oz.

I questioned how that was possible as I thought I was doing everything right. It appears to be that Linc struggles to have a strong latch (suck) and may not have been getting enough milk. He sure nursed for a long time and has had plenty of wet diapers...but still wasnt enough. Dr also thinks that his congestion may be to blame. He's got a bit of a breathing issue due to still being so congested fron birth. And boy let me tell you, using the nose sucker is not pleasant nor has it been very helpful...

Anyways I'm now to feed Linc every two hours or less to help him gain 4oz by Friday.

Naturally I've blamed myself for this, even though I had no idea. I held back tears all day, trying to remain strong and that I at least look like I got this...

I hope my sweet boy begins to thrive better and puts on weight! I need him to be healthy!

So on this NYE, I'm home with my two favorite little people, and am truly blesses! Be safe my friends! May 2014 be filled with plenty of peace and love!

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