Thursday, July 4, 2013

happy 4th my friends!

Well,  I hope you all have a fabulous holiday weekend! I'm working today but have the rest of the weekend off! I'm hoping to get to the pool and take bri fishing for the first time! Tomorrow I have my house inspection! Hoping it goes smoothly so we can move forward with the buying process! I'm so excited to decorate!!!

My main reason for blogging today is to just vent,  or just talk... get stuff off my mind I suppose! I'm feeling the wrath of pregnancy emotions today. ..BIG TIME!!! It's dead at work and I'm working alone... which gives me too much time to think! Me and over-thinking don't go well together! I've been beating myself over the head trying to figure out why some things just don't work out.  I try to believe that everything happens for a reason,  but sometimes I really wish I knew what that reason was and why!!! Maybe its me? Maybe I'm the reason things don't work out?  It's possible I guess, but I can't be that bad, right? Maybe I'm just too hard on my self when I should learn to ease up? (Ps just felt baby2 flutter!) Either way,  I just need to learn to relax and stop over-thinking!

I'm also Kind of lonely...maybe lots of lonely! It is sad that I don't really have a significant other to share this pregnancy with... and this is a time I really needed that person,  but for some reason,  that's not going to happen. My family has been really supportive and helpful, so I can't complain.  But I'm a big girl now,  can't always expect then to be the ones stepping in when I need help.  Maybe a mom group would help? Or something?  What do lonely people do to become unlonely? Any tips?

Well I don't want to have a pity party so I'll end on a good note, I'm going on vacation in 2 weeks to Colorado! It was such s steal,  1400 for flight and hotel for 4 people!

Again, happy 4th! Thank those who've made this country free! Special shout out to my battle buddies and vets! Thanks to the brave who are still serving to keep our country free!

Ps eat a hot dog today!

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R. Schreiber-Reis said...

Yay, you are coming! If you have any free moments we should definitely meet up, but I know you'll be around sometimes so we will see each other at some point. I guess I'm totally assuming which city you're coming to, aren't I? haha

It is not your fault that things didn't work out. It takes 2 to make relationships work and just because it didn't, doesn't mean it is something wrong with YOU.