Saturday, July 13, 2013

Random post...

Just a random post, no real purpose...

Have you seen the movie, "What to expect when you're expecting?" I am the girl who has every pregnancy problem alive. No glow, no feeling wonderful (well, once in a while I guess), just the ew and awkward moments of pregnancy! For those of you who are or have been pregnant, you know what I am talking about!

But hey, it's okay! I am about 17 weeks along so far. Baby2 is doing just fine in there, swimming like a fish or practicing karate like a ninja...whatevs! I will hopefully find out the sex on August 5th at my ultrasound! What do you think? I will be excited for either one, but I have heard a lot of comments that I am carrying a boy! We shall see! I want to know soon so I can start planning a nursery and getting ready! :)

I've been able to log in a few miles outside this week, not too many since it's been humid and I worked almost everyday, but it was better than nothing! Maybe tonight I can squeeze in 2 also! It hasn't gotten too uncomfortable with my growing belly, so I will keep at it until that time arrives!

House update: still working on that. Had a house inspection and found the roof needs immediate repair. No big deal, except the fact that the sellers are being shady about putting forth a dollar amount to help with the repair. I countered their low offer with a higher more realistic offer to help with the roof...still waiting to hear back. I really don't want to walk away at this point but I can't afford a new roof project right now! Not with all the extra added costs I am already dishing out for this home! Blah, good vibes sent this way please!

Oh my Bri started swim lessons this week, she is such a fish! The water is one of her happy places, she has a perma smile during her entire lesson! :) Last night we went to the fireworks in town, she was simply in awe the entire time. She couldn't stop talking about them and the oohs and ahhs! Today we are heading to the parade later this evening and hopefully something else to fill our weekend with tomorrow!

We also have to get ready for our little vaca to Colorado this week! So excited to check out the mountains, my priority is to get to the top of Pikes Peak and hike the Garden of the Gods! :)

Anywho...nothing else to share...time to go clean!

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