Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Parental Control??

Um? Who let's their 6 year old daughter call her friends just to leave nasty voice mails!!?? I know kids are kids, but seriously, parental control maybe? Then when I call to confront the parents, they can't even answer the phone and discuss the issue? Puke...parenting at it's finest I guess!

I am just livid right now! I know I can't always protect my baby, but when this girl calls MY phone and leaves messages for my child being rude and nasty (at 6 years old mind you) I get upset. Who in their right mind lets their 6 year old run the phone like that? This is not the first time, but it is the first time I attempted to confront the parents. And of course, I got no where.

I know this happens everywhere and kids will be kids, but it sure seems like Litchfield at it's finest! It makes me realize that Bri is going to grow up with these kids! Ugh! Sooo angry right now!

Mean girls at 6 years old? I guess times are changing! :(

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