Sunday, July 7, 2013

Oh exercise...

...we have a love-hate relationship!

The other night, I stepped out for a slow 2-mile jog...I seriously thought I was going to die and I couldn't figure out why. My body didn't really hurt and my breathing was finally clicked... fyi I just run down my driveway (which is a 1/2 mile one way)...but when it clicked, I realized that everytime I ran back towards the house, I was running uphill against the insane wind we had that day! And I am pretty sure I was running faster, maybe just to get it over with. On my last time back towards the house (I ran down and back and down and back 2 get 2 miles), the boss, aka my mom, walked out of the house and told me I was done. I was like um no, I am fine...she kindly reminded me that it was also over 90 degrees and "my condition" should be monitored...needless to say I stopped and walked... so it makes sense as to why I felt like dying, 90 degrees uphill against the wind probably isn't the best environment for a prego runner! :p

Last night I squeezed in some squats, pushups, and the mali booty workout. It was nothing super intense but any sort of movement works, right!

Today, I am going to have to workout in the house. It is soooooooo hot outside, like disgustingly unbearable hot and humid! I am taking the kiddos (watching 2 wild little boys today) to the pool for some cool down time and sun! :)

Hope you all had a fab weekend! Don't forget to squeeze in a workout today!

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