Sunday, June 30, 2013

An attempt... get fit while pregnant? Sounds doable, right?

Well, it most definitely is. Today, I had a short convo with a friend about how I was really getting into my fitness and health prior to going to Army training and finding out I was prego. Due to morning sickness/dizziness during the first trimester and up until now (15 weeks), I hadn't been able to workout like I used to. And it really bummed me out. And gaining weight, bums me out even more. Like I mentioned in post before, it's devastating!

So now that I am in my second trimester, I am getting my energy back and am hoping to get back on my healthy fitness grind!

Tonight I stepped out for a walk and ended up jogging 2 miles straight! For not moving far or fast in the last 10 weeks, I was really proud of myself! I hadn't realized how much my body has changed until now as well. Running and noticing your hips have shifted = total discomfort, but I got it under control and kept on! With hips shifting, thighs touching, booty & boobs bouncing, and a belly growing, you really have to learn to adjust your running style to be able to keep going and not injuring yourself! I figured it out, and am really hoping I keep up this energy boost to keep getting my runs in, for at least another few weeks! After that, walking will have to do!

I've been doing pushups and core exercises before bed time too each night, so if I continue with that and add in my strength training, I should be golden when this baby2 is out! I am hoping to get back down to size 6, 140lbs...

That is what I was when I found out I was prego, so that's my goal after!

Side note: During my first pregnancy, my starting weight was 167 lbs. so I am already ahead of the game and I pushed at 194 lbs. just before delivery of my one and only Bri! So if I was able to get down to 140 after that, I think I can do it again! :)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Happy 4th of July week/weekend!

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