Saturday, June 29, 2013


My storm hasn't past but I can definitely see the rainbow peaking through!

I was just informed that the offer I put in on a house was accepted!! Seriously, I am so excited I can hardly contain myself! I can't wait for this next step in my life!

The house I put an offer on is 3 bedrooms (quite large I might add) 1 bathroom with a full unfinished basement. The main floor is just enough space for me and two little ones so I need to come up with something fun for the basement! Eventually a big family/rec room maybe? Either way, I am nearly peeing myself with excitement!!

On another note, as I am still dealing with all the stress in my life, things are good. I am remembering all of the good things I have going on for me and all the love and happiness I have surrounding me lately. Thanks to everyone who is there for me and supporting me on this challenging adventure! :)

This week I got to train down at Abbott hospital for a new FULL time position I was recently offered, I also got to go see Monsters University with my little love and mom (Its a must see btw!), and today I was feeling crummy this am (morning sickness), but was able to get over to a friends for some pool time and sun and good chats!

But getting the phone call for the house was just what I needed to top off my week! AHHH! So excited!

--you deserve the things you want, because you deserve to be happy.

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