Sunday, June 16, 2013


Where do I even begin? It has been 3 months or so since I sat down to blog! So I figured I would getback at it and put it all out there! So what's new you ask? 1. I finished WLC in April! Promotion coming soon! 2. Briahna is now officially a first grader and will be 6 next week! 3. I am so close to purchasing my first home; a fixer upper to make my very own! 4. I am almost 14 weeks pregnant with baby #2! 5. I am officially a single mom; it's a bittersweet feeling but I wouldn't trade it for anything! I have an awesome family supporting me! 6. My sister just turned 24 and moved to s. Korea! Miss her! Sometimes I debate about sharing certain info but I figured if I put it out there, I can avoid the annoying questions! One thing I have to say is morning sickness and this first trimester can eat it! I spent the last 6 weeks so terribly sick and tired. I even ruptured an eardrum and missed several days of work and important events! I am hoping the second trimester treats me well,I would like to get back to the gym! Oh I've also started showing!! That also means my clothes don't fit!its kind of devastating actually :( maternity clothes here I come! You know what's annoying? Being ignored, if someone takes the time out of their day to connect with you,have the courtesy to respond! Seriously! Technology makes it so east to stay connected...and you know that most people are on their phones all dang day anyways... sheesh! Just saying... What else can I vent about? I think that's enough for tonight...I'm sure this post will be a bit surprising for some, but hey, it is what I've been dealt and I'm gonna roll with it! Have a good week and enjoy yourselves all you silly people! Ps..quick shoutout to my dad! Happy fathers day man! Thanks for being amazing and keeping me sane and being the best tramps bri will have!

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