Saturday, May 3, 2014

Just having a moment...

I've been trying to write a good blog for the last several weeks, and nothing is flowing. I can't decide to vent or brag! I have plenty of ideas to do both, but once I get then written, I change my mind.

I think I've been avoiding the venting, because if I do, it will definitely call someone out and I don't want to do that. Even if I generalize the topic, it's still points fingers, and is rather not.

I've posted a few brags, especially about my kids. They really are amazing. As much as they are my whole life, I need to have brags unrelated to them too.

So on that note:

Vent: I HATE BEING IGNORED. Not going to get into it right now.

Brag: I have been strictly clean eating since Sunday. Had one bad snack of oreos, but have been following my eating plan and exercise daily (even if its at home). I already feel a difference from eating less processed foods.

So that is all. Its 6am, a quick nap before I have to be up for my busy Saturday plans: makeup for Sarah, fix/clean my car, and wedding with D!

Enjoy your weekend my friends!

-be curious, not judgemental.

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