Wednesday, May 21, 2014

5 months.

My sweet boy is 5 months old today!

And this poor guy is still under the weather. We've been using his nebulizer daily and catering to his needs, and sometimes...nothing works. Poor guy possibly has an ear infection as well. In the words of my dad, 'does it ever end?' I'm exhausted.

Aside from that, we celebrated Linc at 5 months by adding in some sweet carrots to his cereal. He does so well eating from a spoon! And isn't too terribly messy, either. Love this guy!

He's tearing up his play time by rolling, scooting, kicking, and screaming! He's got an obsession with his pacifier, and not that he needs to suck on it, but he plays with it and chews on it, literally attempts to shove the entire thing in his mouth! Silly boy!

I've lost the battle of keeping him asleep on his back, I now have a tummy sleeper! Which is great because he sleeps longer. I just check him constantly!

I love watching him grow and develop his own personality. He's a charmer.

And I couldn't raise him to be this amazing without the help from Briahna, Tuan, my parents, and sister!

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