Thursday, May 15, 2014

Blog challenge: 5 people who have influenced you and why?

1- Briahna: she was my reason for moving on and picking up the pieces of a broken relationship. Her spirit, kindness, and little personality gave me the strength to realize life has so much to offer. She reminded me that it's okay to be silly and simply enjoy the small things.

2- My mom, dad, sister: they stood by me no matter what the circumstances were. When I misbehave back in the day, they still loved me and guided me in the right direction. Today, they help me out with my kids. They remind me that I am a good person when I feel I have failed. They are all genuine people in their words and actions, I strive to be that way.

3- SGT Chicoine: my squad leader, has given me the opportunity to become a better soldier. He's given me tasks and allowed me to be a part of my unit. Also encourages me to go farther in my Army career.

4- Her: I say this term loosely and as broad as possible. To those who've tried and succeeded at swindling their way into my marriage: you've influenced me to never be like you. And you've also influenced me to put forth a better effort into my relationships. If I had, you're ways would have failed. I now know to value my relationships and everything about my partner. I know when to fight and when to walk away from toxic relationships.

5- Me: I am no where near perfect and never will be. I have made mistakes that I am still paying for. I've looked back at the old me, and influenced myself to be a better me. I want to do the right thing, be a good person for my family and friends, I strive to move forward despite the circumstances. I dont ever want to be like I was in the past. I am satisfied where I've headed and it can only get better from here.

Other people influence me on a daily basis. I've learned to appreciate differences among other and take it as a learning experience. People are constantly driven to do better, and I am thankful to have such people in my life. So if you've influenced me some how, thank you.

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