Saturday, April 19, 2014


I have so many thoughts lately. So much to do. So much to think about...its to the point where I'd rather take a nap then worry about that stuff...

Had a little shopping day today, #1- I hate spending money. I'm already feeling financially weak and shopping doesn't help, esp when there are things I do actually need. #2- I cant seem to drop this baby weight for the life of me and it took an emotional toll on me in the changing room. I feel disgusting and hate that nothing fits right anymore. :( I'll continue on my journey to lose weight, it's going to be hard, but it's something that has to be done for myself. Asap! #3- i can't shop with other people. I have my own style that can be very different from others. I tried on several items only to get a face of disgust...granted I dont care what anyone thinks, its frustrating when u ask 'how does this look' and u get the look of death. Regardless, I didn't buy the dress (super cute maxi) and am bothered that I realized I am sooooooo awkwardly different from everyone I know. Yes,
its totally okay to be different, but sometimes it's nice to have someone to relate with.

I'm over it though. On to a brighter day tomorrow! Helping out a friend for her bridal shower and spending some much needed time with my littles!

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