Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blog challenge: talk about cattiness in women.

This is one of those touchy subjects...but something I simply don't understand.

All my life I've struggled with other females and I have no idea why. I may appear to be unpleasant and come across as unapproachable, but that means nothing. I wanted nothing more than to have solid friendship with other girls. Apparently my demeanor has a lot to do with that. Granted now I do have a few close female friends, there are still moments of cattiness among other females.

I'm nearly 27 years old and am in awe that women my age and older are still so catty. I spoke of work, no one wants to mind their business. They seem to get joy out of trying to make others feel bad. My reaction is always to kill them with kindness. It works. ;)

When I hear catty, I think of three opportunities I had to confront women who over stepped boundaries into my marriage. Three times I spoke to them and respectfully asked them to back off, and three times I became the bad guy and they moved in even further. Not once did they step back and realize I wasn't the bad guy. I was simply fighting for my marriage. Needless to say, their catty behavior lead towards an end of a relationship. How did they not see where I was coming from? To see the pain and hurt it caused my family. The new movie coming out, the other women, portrays what should have happened. The girls team up to put the unfaithful husband to shame. But that's not reality. Women don't comfort eachother. It's such a forbidden territory that we degrade eachother instead.

We need to empower eachother, give eachother the confidence to strive and support to be better. Stop trying to put a woman down because she's different than you. And for goodness sake, own up to the ridiculous behavior of being catty for no reason. Let's create a movement: take care of eachother! Be the women we were meant to be. Be happy for another's achievements. Give credit where credit is due. Show respect!

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