Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Checked another thing off my list of something new: riding along in a milk truck.

So my dad drives for a friend on occasion and I decided to tag along. #1-i always feel like a badass in big trucks and #2-im fascinated by the dairy industry. Though I would probably never have my own cows, they play a huge role in our food chain. Plus, I love milk!

We picked up a large tank from East Dublin Dairy. They have over 5000 cows that are in a constant milking rotation. They have a large rotating platform that holds 80 cows and takes 6 minutes for a rotation. The amount of milk they produce is insane!

When we took the milk to FDA, they take a sample and when u go to unload, they let u know if your tank is clean or contaminated.

I'm glad I got to experience this process and spend some quality time with my dad. I'm definitely a daddy's girl! Can't wait for my little farm girl Bri to experience it too.

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