Friday, April 11, 2014

The pits & peaks

The pit: so a while ago I got some news that irritated me. I asked questions with only the intent to get the truth. That was something I never received. And to this day has made me extremely bitter. I've done everything I can to be fair when it comes to sharing my littles. However, I have not received that fairness in return. I had one request: do what u say and say what you do. How hard is that? Why am I the one who has to bend over backwards to accommodate someone else? Why do they get to up and leave with no repercussions? Annoyed...

The peak: date #3 was a sucess. So many laughs and great company! If I can make him laugh, my job is done. :) we've been talking for about 2 months and its nice to finally feel a sense of joy and excitement! I'm not in any rush to get into a relationship but I am excited that I've slowly made a real connection with him! Date #4 planning in the works!

I hate the pits...but climbing up has brought me to the peaks!

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