Monday, April 14, 2014

Little bit of everything...

My amazing sister is home!!! She's been home since Wednesday and we could not be happier! She's currently 18 weeks pregnant with her first! I am beyond excited for her! We even threw her a Star Wars themed baby shower yesterday!

I'm so thankful for the bond we share And the fact that we can talk about EVERYTHING under the moon and laugh at eachother's ridiculousness! We have no shame.

She's been my rock and always there for me. In a sense, she's my protector and my go-to. As I am all of those to her, we are truly lucky have eachother.

Im schooling her on motherhood while she's here. She's already great with Bri and Linc so she's just getting to know the little details no one tells you about motherhood! Like pee and never ends! Spit up becomes a fashion accessory and you should wear it proudly! ;)

Our family is already so close, and adding in little ones has and will continue to keep us close. I am lucky to have a family who isn't quick to judge and is willing to drop everything to be by our side in a time of need.

I am ecstatic to travel to Florida when sister moves there in a few weeks! And if things work out in my favor, I would love to join her! The only thing keeping me here is my parents and if they move, I'm moving too!

Speaking of traveling, I am hoping to take the littles to Colorado soon for a mini vacation to see their dad and his new puppy! Bri is so excited to see the pup that she asked if we could go tomorrow! She's going to have lots of stories with all her travel plans this summer. She's one lucky lady!

I do have a busy work week but excited for my 3 day Easter weekend with my fam and shopping on Friday with the girls!

Hope all you lovelies have a fabulous week!

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