Sunday, June 29, 2014

Put down your damn phone...for real tho...

Or pick it up...I have a love hate relationship with people and phones. Seriously, its annoying! So so annoying!

The hate: if your with someone, anyone, and they are trying to like have a conversation with you, put your phone down. ... what it so damn important that you need to look at now? It says a lot about you if you can't have a conversation face to face cuz you're too worried about your phone. And snap chat, don't even get me started...

And if someone does connect with you via text, at least respond. Not necessarily then and there, but make an effort at some point.

I used to be on my phone a lot more until I realized that I love human interaction way more. How can you have a meaningful conversation or relationship with someone via phone? Not possible.

The love: I do love getting random texts and calls from family and friends who are far away. I love to talk on the phone (when im in the car).

But mostly, I hate it. And unfortunately, we live in a generation who knows nothing different. I miss flip phones and the days before smartphones.

Keep your head up and stop missing life!

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