Friday, March 28, 2014

No more excuses!

So I am over 3 months postpartum...and my journey back to my prepregnancy body has come to a stand-still. I've wanted to get back to my fitness goals since I was 6 weeks postpartum, but I've since come up with nearly every excuse as to why I haven't been following through.

It's come time where I am unsatisfied with my body as I've been filling it with garbage foods and avoiding the gym. I hate the mom belly and untoned muscles...prior to baby Linc, I was on track. I was at a weight, size, and fitness level I was proud of.

I know they say it takes time, and I have to make the time, but I literally feel like I have NO time! Instead of taking advantage of the time I have had to exercise, I used that time to be with ny kids, sleep, and watch tv. Instead of eating cleaner, I've given in to my cookie addiction and continue to zip through the's time I make myself accountable for my actions and change my lifestyle back to what it was prior to pregnancy.

I just need the motivation and dedication to kick me in the ass and go!

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