Sunday, March 30, 2014

No makeup?

So I've seen the social media trends of taking selfies with no makeup to help raise awareness for cancer. Immediately, I thought what a ridiculous idea. It felt as though people are referring to the fact that no makeup is a bad thing. That it is a sign of ugliness. Um what? How could posting a no makeup selfies be any way to raise awareness for cancer?

After my brief thoughts, I ignored the selfies. This morning I happen to come across an article written by a cancer patient. Her explanation of how no makeup selfies were a crude reminder that even with no makeup, these women are still healthy and beautiful. I do not have cancer so I cannot relate, but I agree. A cancer patient looks in the mirror and doesn't see herself anymore. In her article, she would give anything to have a no makeup selfies that looked like her. So please stop thinking no makeup is a bad thing, beauty is more than what's on your face.

Raise awareness by doing something that truly benefits cancer research and its prevalence.

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