Saturday, January 11, 2014

My sweet baby boy is 21 days old! He is seriously the cutest little thing ever! We had some delays with weight but he's gained and is well over 9 lbs! I will thank myself and the tedious feeding schedule I have him on! Oh and I can't forget to thank Bri for helping out with her brother too! :)

So i need to vent...I may complain a lot about doing this alone...but it's true. Every time I struggle with one of the kiddos or something goes wrong, I get really frustrated with how I ended up in this situation. I get even more frustrated knowing that I have no choice but to be a single mom. I have no choice but to Stay home on weekends. I have no choice but to wake up every two hours to feed my baby.

It's frustrating knowing that person who should be in this with me is out having a grand ol' time while I do all the work.

I love my babies more than anything, but sheesh... why do I have to do this alone?

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