Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Today is going to be a beautiful day!

I'm pleased to announce the birth of baby Noah Michael, born yesterday to Krissy and Brian! :) So excited for them and their new bundle of joy!

It's Thanksgiving week, and I truly couldn't be more thankful for everything in my life! Granted I am thankful all year-round, I'd like to take some time and share what I am most thankful for:
1. My amazing family: Briahna, Baby Lincoln, Nita, John, and Molly! Obviously I am biased, but I couldn't have asked for a better family!
2. My job: currently I work at the hospital. A hospital with great employees and management. They've been very supportive when needing time off due to sick kiddos and pregnancy. I've had several opportunities to move up and around within the organization.
3. My home: I am so grateful to have been able to purchase my own home. It's my very own! With the help from my family, it's going to be a wonderful place to raise and grow with my little family.
4. Health: I am thankful for my own health and my families health.
5. Friends & extended family & Tuan: those who have been there for me, listened to my sob stories, and went on adventures with me and cared for my kiddos.
6. The Army: as much as people complain about our military, It's something I am extremely proud of. Looking forward to doing more and making rank. Without the military, we wouldn't live in a country like we do.
7. Divorce: it sounds so morbid but it's true. I'm thankful to have been able to put an unresolved issue to rest. You shouldn't give up on a marriage without fighting for what you want, but there are instances where divorce is the answer and both parties can move on and enjoy their lives. Not everything is meant to be and that's okay.
8. The little things: food, water, running, shopping, babies, crafts, wine, movies, books, education, sports, vacation, travels, stars in the sky, makeup, happiness, fun, name a few!

Be thankful my friends! Have a great holiday weekend!

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