Friday, November 22, 2013


So. Dang. Emotional! Wow, these pregnancy emotions are beginning to take its' toll and I'm burnt out!

I'm a fairly sensitive person and get hurt feelings quite easy...but lately its worse! I'm either super happy or crying...never inbetween! :-P hopefully the emotional side of me will subside a bit when my baby boy arrives!

I'm so overwhelmed with his arrival slowly creeping closer and closer! He's approximately 30 days away! I still have a lot to do to be ready for him! I have to make a big Target run for some items I need yet. I'm hoping I can find some good deals cuz I sure can't afford all new stuff! I'm a bit nervous about breastfeeding again too! I did it with Bri and it was okay, but it just feels so awkward for me. Any tips to make it easier?

Back to being emotional and all over the place, my mind continues to be busy when I'm sleeping! Oyy the intense dreams I've been having literally feel so real that I actually questioned if they happened or not! Its chaos!

Wish me luck in the next coming weeks as my life continues to change! Give me the strength to do this on my own! So excited but so nervous!

Lastly, quick shout out to my mom! Happy birthday to the best nana ever! Thanks for everything! We love you!

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