Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Life's normalcies...

Well, it has been a rough couple of days, I'd say... it could definitely be worse, as much as it could also be better.

This pregnancy has caused me a lot of issues and discomfort to say the least. I am 32 weeks with just about 8 weeks to go! I've been getting Braxton-Hicks contractions that are never ending it seems! With that, the Doc put me on 8 hour work restrictions, which aren't so bad, but I normally work 12 hours so I am losing hours and pay! :( It's definitely something that concerns me.

Along with that, I feel so bad about my job and position. I have had to take time off, I've been sick, and Briahna has been sick. I just feel like I haven't been able to dedicate my time 100% to my job. So with my feelings of guilt and feeling bad about making it inconvenient for others, I applied for a job that requires less of my time and shorter hours. I will have to compensate those extra hours by trying to pick up extra shifts or potentially looking for a second job, as well as budgeting the hell out of what I make financially...ugh...dreadful.

Yesterday, I got a call from Bri's school saying she had a fever of 103...dun dun dun! Not the call I need at the moment, I hate when Briahna is sick! I hate even more that I just can't stay home with her when she is sick. Thanks to my amazing dad, he came in early this morning and watched her until I found someone to cover for me at work. My parents have bent over backwards to make sure we are taken care of, for that I am soooo thankful! One thing I knew would be hard, but hadn't thought about, was that being a single mom of two kiddos is going to be hard! I am mom and dad, their primary caregiver, and the only one they have to rely on on a daily basis. That's a lot of responsibility! Makes me wish that I had another person helping out regularly, but something I will definitely learn to adjust to! Ay yi yi! Wish me luck!

ps...My eyes are magnetized to food. By food, I mean ALL food. I can't stop eating! Candy especially, it's an addiction! I feel like I am eating all day and I feel like I am gaining so much weight! Ugh! I am so ready to get back in the gym and have my old clothes fit again! It's devastating now, even knowing I am pregnant, when I put on clothes and they are too small! :( Makes me sad. I know its natural to gain weight and obviously grow a pumpkin under my shirt, but it sure does have an emotional breaking point when I had worked so hard to get where I was prepregnancy! On the plus side, I still weigh less now than I did at the beginning of my pregnancy with Bri. So I guess that is a plus!

Be right back...sick kiddo calling...I know she's sick when she only wants cereal for dinner and complains of being cold (she's my mini heater)!

Oh I had my first little get together at my house this past weeked! It was quite lovely! We had chili (which I made!!) and carved pumpkins and enjoyed some good ol' girl talk! I definitely enjoyed the company! :) Will hopefully post pics soon of that day and also of my almost finished house! It's feeling so homey and welcoming! Not too many projects left to complete except for the baby's room...which I really need to get my butt into gear! Baby will be here before I know it!

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