Saturday, October 12, 2013


The Halloween season is upon us! Bri let me turn her into a zombie, or something like it. She couldn't sit still for too long, but she definitely looks creepy!

I used knockoff paint for her face and no primer under it so I had a hard time getting the paint to stay!

The next day I had a chance to try it on myself! I used my Makeup Forever Flash Pallet, so in love! And I used Smashbox primer underneath. I could see and feel a huge difference from when I did Bri's.

I attempted to create a bullet wound with special effects wax and blood. I don't get to do it often so it was a work in progress! But I think it turned out! I mean, who really knows what a zombie vampire looks like? ;-)

This was months ago, attempting to creat the cat from Alice in Wonderland! I'm still trying to figure out what products I like and which brushes work best!

I'll be a stellar makeup artist one day! I've done a few brides and engagement photos, web series, and such last year.. and I hope to get back at it when my little sausage link is born!

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