Saturday, September 7, 2013

Don't be ashamed of your story...

Well where should I start?

I officially live in my own house and am fairly settled in! Its such an amazing feeling! All of the hard work done by my parents has given me a home I can't be more thankful for! :) I want to repay them in some way, ideas?

Bri survived her first week of first grade! Poor thing has to get up at 5am everyday since I have had to work and had drill. Hopefully soon we will be in a better routine! I've got to remember soon to get her signed up for dance and basket ball! She opted out of hockey this year, which made me sad but it's okay.

My stress level has been decreased tremendously! Partly to my new house and work schedule, but also to my ability to move forward with my head held high no matter what life has thrown at me. It is a beautiful feeling.

But do u know what's not a beautiful feeling? I just had a birthday, and I'm 27!!! Holy moly, I'm gettinh close to 30!

But on the bright side, at 27 I've been blessed with so much!

Ps today I'm at drill, stuck all day watching weapons cuz I'm preggo! Me and my other preggo battle have been having good conversation about life and unit drama! Typical army stuff!

But I'm done rambling! Have a good day all!

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