Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I Don't really have any words to describe how I'm feeling today.

I worked 3 long 12 hour shifts this weekend... I'm so burnt out. A few things I noticed, 1- I saw way too many sick, injured, and mentally unstable people in these 3 days, 2- it breaks my heart that at times, there is nothing I can do to help some of these people, 3- every day I leave here, I am so very thankful that my family is healthy, 4- the world can be a terrifying place, keep an eye out for you family and friends, take care of each other and be supportive in times of need.

With my 12 hour shifts, I have a lot of time to think and wonder...I should say worry... about anything and everything. I think I'm just feeling overwhelmed with my work as well as my personal life. So much going on and so much out of my hands. I'm ready to cry...I'm not a total control freak, but I feel like I have no control over the outside world and the things that go on out there. Literally breaks my heart.

Aside from that, the things I can control are just fine. Just keep moving forward and doing my thing!

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