Thursday, September 26, 2013


One of my favorite times during my workday is when I get my walks. I get to soak in some fresh air and just breathe. I don't walk too fast anymore but its one of my stress relievers!

Since Sunday, I've been fairly stressed. Some due to work (my last post), some due to my health, and some just dealing with daily life.

I had to go to the Dr the other day. Hadn't felt baby2 move hardly at all and I had like an everlasting braxton hicks contraction for over a day almost. I had an ultrasound which appeared to be normal. Baby was noted to already have a head full of hair! Anyways, I ended up having an infection and was given an antibiotic. So hopefully that will help and keep me out of the dr for a while. Also my placenta moved up enough so that's a good sign too. And on top of all that, they have me a shot in my ass (rhogam due to me being O- and my baby may be + so it keeps my body from creating antibodies against his blood).

But today I am feeling well. Still having braxton hicks ALL the time which is normal. I am about 28 weeks! It has gone quick and I can only imagine how fast the next 12 weeks are going to go!

I'm hardly ready for this little guy! I found a newborn checklist of things I'll need... shiza! I forgot what it was like preparing for a baby! Yikes! And expensive! But secretly I'm excited to go baby shopping and find cute stuff! Right now the main things I'm hunting for are a carseat and pack N play with the newborn napper piece. There are obviously more things I need but those are two very important things!
This post took me nearly 2 days to finish writing, can you say busy with interruptions? Sheesh! But I wouldn't have it any other way... we all know my downtime causes me to overthink everything!

Hope you all had a fabulous week! :)

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