Tuesday, January 29, 2013

i. am. so. tired.

I am going on my 3rd overnight in a row, 12 hours I might add, and I am exhausted to the max. I have zero energy left to squeeze in a workout. I'm feeling pretty crummy about that! I am able to maintain my healthy eating while doing the overnights, but the lack of exercise is killing me! Not to mention, the time away from my kiddo is even harder! I feel like I haven't really seen her since before the weekend! I miss her to pieces! But soon I hope to be off the stinky overnights, but for not, it pays the bills!

Quick little workout to fit into your busy work/sleep schedule:
Try doing them before you hop in the shower or right after a nap:
25 JJ
20 PU
25 SU
Repeat 2-3 times to get your heart going and it will help energize you too!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day, I am off to my last shift before I have a 6 day off stretch!

--you've got to take life and ride it til the wheels fall off

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