Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sore is the feeling of success!

A little bit off track on my last post, but back to the fitness...

I. am. so. sore.

I had a session with my trainer the other day, she asked what I wanted to do. I said to teach me something new. FYI I am very weak so to some of you, my workout would be a cake walk! But I will get there...

I did 3 sets of a variety of exercises including 50 lb squats, 45 lb clean/press, 10 lb dumbell squat rows, weighted reverse crunches, 5 min run, push ups, burpees, high knees/butt kicks, 10 min spin...and a few more. It seems so easy but I was shaking by the end and am still sore 2 days later.

Last weekend I got in a good workout I came up with my own including lat pulldowns, leg press, mid row pull, russian twists, assisted pullups/dips, ball crunches, shoulder press, and a few others...not as intense as my most recent workout but a good one!

I see and feel a strong difference in my quads! LOVE it!

I may not get to the gym everyday, but I do make every workout count!

As my trainer said
--you gotta make the time

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