Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Little bit of this & that..

Sometimes I feel really crummy when it comes to "fitness" and my rants and raves about how good it is for you ...because as much as I LOVE the gym, working out, and being healthy... I still succumb to my lazyness and poor snack cravings!! Does that make me a hypocrite?


Today I squeezed in a short workout at home that got me sweating like no other:
40 JJ
15 squats holding a 20lb dumbbell
20 lunges holding a 20lb dumbbell
40 mountain climbers
5 burpees with jumps
50 bicycle crunches
40 second superman (I had to look this one up!)
10 pushups
40 high knees
20 vertical leg crunches
40 sec plank (killer after leg crunches!)
40 mountain climbers
20 squats holding a 20lb dumbbell

The other day I was running short on gym time. By the time I got there and was ready to go, I had 37 minutes to get in a workout. I managed to run a quick 2 miles and speed walk 1.3 miles at 12.0 incline on the treadmill all while burning a good 450 calories or so! It was refreshing to get my run on, its been a while since I have full out ran. I hate winter for that reason, just not a huge fan lately of running on the treadmil, but spring is just around the corner and I can NOT wait...not one little bit! :)

Side note: I went house hunting yesterday for the first time! Let me just say, pictures online do not do any justice. By that I mean, the houses were much worse in person than online! Blah! I may have found one I like, but it is a true fixer upper, as in the entire house needs fixing. Good thing I have John and Nita to help me...their creative minds are probably more excited about a fixer upper than this girl. If you know me, you know fixing/paining/remodeling just aren't my thing! But secretly, I am excited to have my own home that I get to design/decorate etc!

--a creative mess is better than a tidy idelness

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