Friday, February 8, 2013

Shit just got real... real that I am kind of FREAKING OUT! I just got a call from my recruiter, basically saying that I can no longer go active duty army due to them removing my job from the list. BLAH! This kind of sucks, because that was my plan. That was how I was going to make a living to support Briahna and I! I am about to legally become single and I don't want to be that mom who has to work 2 or more jobs just to stay above water! Today feels like one step forward, and two steps back.

I know things will get better and I know that I WILL make it through this and come out on top, but can be over now.

Fitness related: Working 12 hour nights messes with my body more than you can imagine! The moment I stop moving, my eyes are shut! Looking for some natural energy to keep me alert and motivated! Help!! That being said, I haven't burned too many calories in the last 2 days and I am about to work another 3 day overnight weekend...monday is going to be hell I am sure of it!

But...I will breath....and I will get through it...just like I get through everything even if I struggle my way through every minute of it.

Time to take a nap, eat some breakfast, and figure out what's next...

--fall seven times, stand up eight.

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