Monday, May 10, 2010

What a week!

SO I can't decide if this was a good week or a bad week! I began my week with some shopping with my bestie! That was lovely, however I spent more money than I should have! BUT I found the cutest little clothes for B! I celebrated Cinco De Mayo on Wednesday with a friend of mine who came back to Germany! That night was quite exciting, BUT I had the hangover from HELL for 3 days following! I had to call in sick the next day, how embarrassing! You know, I did tell the truth as to why I wasn't going to be there, but I felt so dang guilty! :(  Friday, I met with a prospective client for childcare! (She called me today to watch her kiddos!!) Saturday I made an appearance at work, I was a bit embarassed, as all of my coworkers saw me on Wednesday, but they proceeded to tell me how fun I was and what not! So that was a good thing? Sunday, I actually picked up a shift at Chili's because I knew it was Mother's day and it would be busy, therefore, I would make money! ($92 to be exact). T and B came to suprise me with a rose :) So sweet of them! I got home and T cooked burgers and we just hung out at home! I was planning to do my school work last night and today, and yea STILL not happening. My math class is kicked my booty! It's difficult for me to teach myself online versus in the classroom with an actual teacher! Frustrated for sure! Today, I went and got some new coloring books, paints, books, and a game for the kiddos tonight! I also stopped by the passport office and recieved our tourist passports! We can now officially travel anywhere! Woot! I am also watching 2 new kiddos tonight, so I am prety excited about that! I think T is as well, he cancelled his plans so he could be home too! :) Sweet guy, I know! Oh and I think he is going to come home on leave with us!!! Yay! So I guess this week was more good than bad I think? Maybe just long! The fact that I have a weeks worth of school work to do tonight, is what will probably push me over the edge! :( I'm sure I will end up turning it in late! Not good I know, but what can ya do! Online schooling isn't for everyone!

Happy Late Mother's day to all those AMAZING women out there! This world would NOT exist without you! No matter how much better you think or thought you could be, your children love you and are proud to have you as their mother no matter what!

Well, that's it for now! Nothing exciting, but my way to sort out my thoughts :)

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