Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Procrastination anyone?

Yup, I admitted it. I am a true procrastinator! It is actually quite horrible! I am taking my online class right now, beginning algebra or something along those lines, anyways, I have yet to do last week's assignment! It is so difficult trying to teach myself through this online course. I NEVER had so much trouble in math before, I always got A's in highschool and my early years of college. But, for some reason, this class is killing me. And instead of sitting there trying to figure it out, I keep giving up. I really do not want to quit, but online learning is NOT for me. I would much rather have a set schedule and go to my class everyday. At least I know I have an actual teacher who can sit down and help me! Also, this Learning Team bullsh*t at University of Phoenix is ridic! I don't need team work for a dang math class, and than get shitty postings about not participating and such! Yea, I don't have enough time in my day to deal with this! Ugh!

On a good note, Miss B is growing like a dang weed! :) I have been so busy the last few weeks, I litterally missed her growing 2 inches! What! She is getting so big, and she is so smart! She puts this smile on my face and knows how to keep it there! I am planning to enroll her into the Children's Learning Academy again! It is pricey, but worth it! She is so bright for being 2 1/2! Speaking of age, my little girl will be 3 in June! I can not believe this! The time sure flys! It is amazing to watch her personality develope over the years! Ah my love!

Also got my new camera the other day! I am in love! Can't wait to post new pictures of our upcoming trip this weekend! We are going to the Black Forest in Germany! I am so excited to spend the day with my 2 favorte people! Oh I also found my dress for K's wedding! Victoria Secret, how I love thee! It is adorable, and I am about to order it tonight! :) Well, just 20 more days and we will be on our way to Minne! Family and friends, here we come!

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