Monday, May 24, 2010

On May 15 we took a trip to the Black Forest! A long bus ride to a dark forest! It was really pretty minus all the rain we had that day! We took a trip to see a few wood-carvers, a bee keeper, schnapps tasting with a traditional Black Forst meal, and cuckoo clock shopping in Triberg.

<--This picture is of wooden faces, carved out by hand. They use these in celebrations such as Fasching (similar to Halloween).

<-- The family! Here we are at a locally owned farm, they served us our meal of smoked ham and swiss cheese. It was actually soo much better than it really sounds! They also had pickles, bread, and soda. Probably the best pickles EVER! :) They sang us their German National Anthem and played some music for us! They definitely made us feel welcome!

<-- Here is a photo of our meal! It was amazing!

This photo is of a German man carving out a tree for us to see. He hand-carves his own cuckoo clocks and sells them at local clock shops, as well customers in other countries. It was pretty neat to see someone so young doing something like this.

<-- My Briahna at the first wood-carver! The logs were formed to have a heart in the middle! :)

We also took a trip to Stuttgart this past weekend! I had the weekend off and let me tell you, it was amazing! I am NOT looking forward to going back to work this week! Anyways, our trip to Stuttgart consisted of the Wilhelma Botanical Garden, Kin's Palace Chinese food, the Porsche Museum, and a visit to the zentrum (city center). It was lovely! I'll post pics of that soon! :) Today, Monday, we spent the day at the pool! The weather has finally been nice and sunny! It has made me in a much better mood!

Well, I can NOT wait to come home the 31st! I am in need of some family time and shopping! Ugh! So excited and angry that I have to go to work this WHOLE week! boo! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

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