Monday, May 12, 2008

What a Weekend...whew!!

Well what can I say, I had an eventful weekend! Bri decided to get sick this past week...really sick! She was so droopy wed-sat... So on Saturday I couldn't take the fussy crying baby anymore. I needed to get a peace of mind and know what was wrong with her. Well we got to the ER and waited and they didn't say too much but that she was dehydrated so she was on an IV for about 6 hours getting fluids in. They took a few tests and nothing was too serious. Basically they said she has a bacterial infection in her lungs... which pretty much can be anything. But they gave her some good meds and she is getting better! She is finally smiling and playing around! After that, we went down to the OC to see Tuans mom. Then it was my turn to get sick after our craw fish!! well lets just say i won't be eatin crawfish for a while! Sunday, for Mother's Day, we took Tuans mom out to an Asian seafood buffet... again i probably won't be eating that again for a while either. Tuan and I went shopping and got a few things for my trip to MN. Than we bounced back home and were pooed outt!

Well ill be in MN on Wednesday! I'm SOOOOOo excited!! AH! i cant wait to see the fam and friends! AH! well if i don't post anything before I leave... I'll probably talk to you anyways! see everyone soon!!

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