Thursday, December 17, 2015

Where can I stick this chopstick?

I don't take the littles out to dinner very often because Lincoln can be quite the handful. Tonight, after I picked up Bri from dance, we were both craving pho (Vietnamese soup). I contemplated hitting the drive-thru to grab something quick but I opted to take them out to eat at a small Asian place called Noodle Teahouse.

I secretly dread taking Lincoln because I never know how he is going to act. However, tonight, he amazed me! He was so well behaved...for the most part, but we'll get to that later. He actually sat in his booster seat the whole time. I did a parenting no-no and had Mickey Mouse playing on my phone, but he was pretty distracted with other things at the table. You know how those boys are, they have to touch EVERYTHING! This is where those chopsticks come in. At first he was just holding them, then turned into tapping them, and eventually he NEEDED to see where he could stick that damn chopstick. It started with my pho, then my water, then his ear, and then my ear. I may or may not have seen him stick it in his nose and then his well as his ketchup and then attempted to share with me. Gosh, so sweet of him!

Bri just looks at him and rolls her eyes...brothers!

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