Wednesday, December 23, 2015

...when your daughter is your comfort

I had a really good day today, however, I was struck with intense anxiety that kept me from being "present" in the moment. I hate that. My heart was racing, hands shaking, and couldn't get my mind off of the issues causing my anxiety.

Briahna is always so comforting when she knows I am just not feeling normal. So tonight, she caught me crying and her first instinct was to crawl over and give me a giant hug! She asked if I was okay and why I was crying. She continued to rub my hair back and pat my shoulder. How could I possibly explain to her why I am just feeling so blah today that it made me cry? We had a mini chat about how hard it can be to be a grownup sometimes. I even slipped up and said that I get lonely when I don't have anyone else to talk to or help. Her response "You can always talk to me!" I love how open minded she can be and how her heart so desires for me to feel good. It does sweet girl, it does.

I don't have these anxious days too often anymore, but when I do, it never ends well. As I do have these days, I have realized that when I get anxiety like so, it is usually because their is a problem or issue that needs to be addressed. ...and today's issue...has been addressed. :(

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