Sunday, August 10, 2014

It's been a while...


1- started my isagenix journey. 30 days of cleansing and healthy eating habits. Wish me luck!

2- going to Florida to see my beautiful seester this month. She's 4 weeks shy of 40 weeks prego! Cant wait to meet baby Lucas!

3- I taught Bri how to ride her bike yesterday. She just needed a confidence boost and she was ready to rip! Her latest obsession: gloves with the finger tips cut okay?

4- linc is 7 months old, almost 8! Time is flying.. his favorite things: cords, pacifier, feet, and his silly sister!

5- officially have my own desk at work! And I dont even mind being stuck in the corner cube.

6- lots of home projects coming up. This month my parents are going to redo my bathroom! Excited to get rid of the classy gas station sink and yellow shower walls!

7- im on the lookout for two things: a full time army job and a new vehicle...which will come first?

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