Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back to reality...

Shortly after Mother's day, I went on a little vacation to my favorite place, Germany! I went there with the intention of having a good time, forgetting my responsibilities for a few days, and spending time with my favorites. Well, I did accomplish what I had intended, and so much more than expected. I believe I came home with a new outlook on life, or at least I hope that's what I did. It was short, bitter, and sweet. I needed that time away to figure out what I really needed in this moment of my life. And I believe I am now ready to move on from the negatives in my life. I found simple joy in the things I once loved, I can't believe how I missed that feeling so much! I always knew I had people who truely cared for me and had my back, but this trip just further proved that I do have an affect on people, in a GOOD way! :) I couldn't have been more thankful to the boys who let me crash at the "orphanage"...and it was definitely a good, relaxing, drama-free time!

Below are a few friends that are still in Germany! Enjoying our glamorous dinner at none other than the famous CHILI's! I secretly miss working there!

At the beggining of my trip, I may have burned a bridge or two...or possibly crossed one I had been hesitant to cross. I can't decide which one it is yet. Well either way, whatever happened in the past, happened. There isn't much more I can do about it, but be sorry and move forward from here, which is exactly what I am going to do! And I believe those 6 days away helped give me the piece of mind and the courage to fully move forward without looking back. I think I am ready, I know I am ready. And for my B, she needs a strong and happy mommy! A mommy who puts B first no matter what!

Below is a picture of B and her class the last day of CJ. They got to make and launch little rockets! :) Too cute when they tried couting backwards from 10!
Getting back to the grind...what little grind I have really had the past few months! I will admit it has been extremely nice not working, sleeping in, doing a lot of nothing, and spending some quality time with my B. But the time has come where I definitely need to and am ready to start a legit routine. SCHOOL STARTS ON MONDAY! I am more than excited! The only downfall to that is that my amazing sister will be here this weekend for 2 weeks! I'll be studying and cramming in time with the fam! Wish me luck! Write more soon!

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