Friday, September 10, 2010

Could I be?

Crazy? Possibly. I seem to be feeling this way lately. As in, I have ALL of these ideas and dreams and plans, and accomplishing them ALL is what I want to do. But seriously, I have things from ALL over. So give you a small idea of what I am thinkin...I applied to UMUC (possibly a degree in biology). I applied to the Aveda Institute (cosmetology, hopefully specializing in make-up). I am signing up for the Dental Assistant program through the Red Cross (a 7 month program and a job as a dental hygenist). I just volunteered to be the assistant coach to the kiddo's soccer team as well. And I also applied at B's school to be a substitute teacher. Nope, that isn't all. But I will spare everyone my crazyness. But seriously, what am I thinking? I am not sure at all. However, I am SO excited to every single one of those things I listed. And I am determined to accomplish as much as possible! :) I need to. I have to. Period. 

Tomorrow is the Opening Day Ceremony for the Ramstein Sports! So excited, B gets to be in a parade and we get to spend the day watching soccer, playing on the bouncy castles, and if we get done early enough, heading to the Bad Durkhiem Wine Fest! I hear it's lovely, and can NOT wait to go! If that fails, their is the Stadtfest in Landstuhl this weekend as well, so we'll make it one of them for sure! T is still at school, can't wait for him to come back! This momma needs a breaK! We all know B's energy level, and it definitely doesn't slow down from the moment she hops out of bed (no later than 8am) to the moment I put her back in her bed (no earlier than 9pm). So you can understand how I feel, imagine a toddler hyped up on skittles, ALL day long. (and no, I don't actually give her skittles, she just has that much energy!) But I love it, and wouldn't trade if for the world! :) She makes me smile, earlier today she told me, "Mom, I'm so proud of you!" I think I had a tear or two!

Well that's it for now, hope everyone has a great weekend! Love you aLL!

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