Thursday, September 16, 2010


I just got off the phone with Ms. Kelly from the Aveda Institute! I am that much closer to making a decision about what to do next! The school sounds lovely, and what better way to spend a career, making women look and feel beautiful! :) At the moment, I am most interested in skin and makeup, but I also want to have the ability to cut/color/style hair!

But I can't commit just yet, in November, T finds out where or what we do next as far as moving stateside or staying in Germany! And as of right now, I am hoping to stay in Germany for a few more years. That gives me time to get my schooling and possibly back into the military without having to deal with a huge move in there.

T comes home tomorrow!!! :) He has been gone for too long, and this momma needs a breaK!
B knocked me in the chin with her head today, probably the most pain my chin has ever felt! Yes, tears were involved! :(
I am waiting for my hockey gear to get here so I can start playing hockey again!
Talked to the recruiter, need one more paper and my re-enlistment process begins (that is if I can chose my job)!
I miss my family and friends back home more than ever, these pase few weeks have been rough! I think I have possibly convinced a few to come visit soon! :) SO let's pray that they can!

That's it for now! hope everyone has a great weekend!

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