Friday, July 24, 2015

Two beers later...

...and I am blubbering like a baby! We all know what a little bit of alcohol does to our emotions...

Today was bitter-sweet. It was my last day at Hutchinson Health and I am so sad to be leaving such wonderful, kind, and caring coworkers! When I walked in the building this morning, I really couldn't decide how I felt about it being my last didn't hit me until I shut down my computer and locked my office door for the last time. I was definitely teary. I will certainly miss the wonderful ladies I was so fortunate to get to know and work with for the last few years.

After several goodbyes, I was so humbled to realize that I will be missed and that I made a positive impact on many of the ladies I worked with. I will truly miss them all! They kept me going during our hardest days and shared laughs on the best days!

That being said, I have taken the opportunity to begin a new career path that I've wanted for a long time! I am beyond excited for this new adventure but scared shitless for another big change!  Keep the kids and I in your thoughts as we transition to a new home, daycare, school, and job! :)

Side note- with it being my last week working, more and more people kindly reminded me that I am going to meet my prince charming and/or knight in shining armor in that a sign that I need a man? or? I've definitely kept my romantic life pretty much at dead halt the last few months, partly because I suck at dating but mostly because I really just have no interest in that right now...and who knows, maybe they are right and this new change will bring good things in all areas of life! :)


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