Thursday, September 27, 2012

Journey to the south...

Welcome to Texas, ya'll! Got home last night from an eventful long weekend in Texas/Oklahoma! Last Friday, Bri and I headed out to visit Molly and watch her reenlist in OK and welcome home her daddy from Afghanistan! It was eventful, aside from most of the time was spent in the car driving :-/!

The trip was exciting and we made an effort to try and do some fun new things. Let's just say I tried "calf fries," also known as cow testicle. To be honest, I had one bite. It was good, but the fact that I knew it was cow junk, I couldn't swallow any more! Molly was brave and tried it with me! I also tried fried alligator! It was actually pretty good, similar to chicken but more of a juicy texture. Oh and I can't forget Bri's comment and how full her belly was of noodles from all of the Pho (vietnamese soup) we had this weekend, we had it 4 out of 6 days. We went to Sprout's in Arlington, TX, it was featured on Man Vs. Food. It was definitely delicious! I could eat it everday...oh wait...already done that! We also took a trip to the Fort Worth Zoo, Dave and Busters, The Falls of Wichita Falls, TX, and of course the wonderful little town of Altus, OK! :) All in all, it was a good trip and Bri was flying on cloud 9 getting to spend time with her daddy! :)

But today, we are back to the grind! Bri is at school, she was soo excited she didn't even say goodbye! She was off to the playground as fast as her little feet could move! I am taking a lazy day and time to collect my thoughts before I get back to my fitness goals and preparing for a new job! :)

--now is the time to try something new

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