Sunday, September 16, 2012

5 Things I Purchased This Weekend...

  1. Smashbook (similar to a scrapbook)
  2. Sweet Bitch (Rose Mostcato Wine)
  3. Jamba Juice Smoothy (Mango-a go go)
  4. Lindt Chocolates (75 pieces to be exact)
  5. The cutest tops for my trip to Texas this weekend

What did you spend your hard earned dollars on? For me, shopping may possibly be an addiction! If you saw my closet, you'd have to agree! And most times, it's my therapy! I had a tough day on Friday and to be honest, the shopping made me feel better!

My next major purchases will hopefully be makeup to add to my kit and some fun adventures on our weekend trip to this south coming up!

-putting my life together, piece by piece.

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