Friday, September 23, 2011

A Few Snaps

 Dinner at BJ's in Huntington Beach, CA! Best pazookie ever (cookie with icecream)!

Nana, Grandpa, and their one and only! :)

B practicing her boogie-boarding. We rented the board for her to use, but little did we know, she was afraid of the ocean! She dipped her toes in just a few times, but the sand was where it was at for this girl! She spent time burying her dad, dumping sand on his head, building animal shapes, and playing with the fam!
 My dad and I walked out into the ocean! It was freezing! Once we adjusted, we decided to attempt to "withstand" the waves. They were pretty strong, but it was one of those things...waiting for the next one hoping it was bigger than the last! One day we'll get on the boards and do it!
 He's special. Our first family trip in quite a while.   This day was a good day at the beach with the family!
Here we are introducing my parents to Vietnamese food, aka, Pho (rice noodle soup). This restaraunt was the first restaurant T took me back in 2006! I wasn't impressed the first time, but the Pho this time was off the chain! :) Can't wait to go back and eat it again! My dad seemed to enjoy it as well! Nana on the other hand is still afraid to try new things! I don't blame her, it took me years to try some of the stuff I eat now!

We had a great time in Cali with my family! I was glad we all got to spend time together without all the extra stressors in our lives!

We've been busy with school, work, preschool, and all the other extras! Its nice to have a routine and stay busy! Can't wait for December when this girl graduates finally! But...I still don't know what I want to do! So many options, so little time! Hopefully I'll have the answers some day soon!

Hope everyone who reads this is doing well! Have a good weekend~

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